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Jason Ruggles
(electric guitar)

Jason comes from Kalamazoo, Michigan, and started playing in bands when he was 15. Never afraid to play any style of music, he performed and recorded in every type of band from garage rock to cerebral jazz, finally ending up in popular Midwest bands such as the rock/funk outfit Plado and reggae bands such as The Jah Kings and Third Coast. All the while he was always involved in many other side projects, and gaining experience as a full time bass player in Third Coast which added to his versatility. The Jah Kings and Third Coast began to play all over the country. Jason's yearning to move out of the Midwest brought him to Santa Cruz California. In the summer of 2000 after landing in Santa Cruz, he decided to take a little sabbatical from the rigors of constant performing, practicing, and recording. It wasn't too long before the itch to make music returned, and he hooked up with his old friend Paul Grove eventually came the opportunity to join Trusting Lucy.

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