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Save Me From Myself
(Band Version)
Double CD

Listen: Acoustic Version



  1. Next Time Around (Long)
  2. Stick It To Me (Arceo & Long)
  3. Save Me From Myself (Arceo & Long)
  4. Complicate Me (Long)
  5. Just For A Moment (Arceo)
  6. When Words Have No Place (Arceo)
  7. Only (Arceo & Long)
  8. For The Love Of The Blue (Arceo)
  9. Song Of Ruth (Arceo & Long)
  10. I Canít Seem To Quit You (Arceo & Long)
  11. Stillness (Long)
  12. Crazy (Long)
  13. Lucy (Long)
  14. Sweet Thing (Long)
  15. Whatís Left Of Us (Arceo & Long)
  16. Ridiculous (Long)








>> Move Around You
It'll Be Fine
>> Limited Edition 4 Song EP

Next Time Around (Long)

You Got The Fire In Your Eyes It's Unpredictable
I'd Like To Fall In A Hole Become Invisible
You Gotta Feel The Shift, The Tilt, Excuse What You Do
But One Day It's Coming Back To You

You Want It, You Got It All Right In Your Hands
Hold Your Breath It's A Test, It Levels Out In The End
So Don't Eye Me, It's Universal, This Life Is Just Your Rehearsal
And Your Siren, Your Silver Lining Next Time Around Will Find You

It's All The Same, You Leave A Stain With Everything You Do
Your Obsessions Hurt The Hearts Of Those Close To You
But Your Alive, In Your Eyes, When It Can Be Used
To Your Potential It's Charm To You

You Look Desperate In Your Sickness
Collecting Clowns For Your Circus
And Youíre Fighting Guilty Writing, Next Time Around

Stick It To Me (Arceo & Long)

You Couldnít Wait To Be Through With Me
The Anger You Feel Consumes You
So Easy For You To Invalidate The Love And The Years
Now Iím Just A Name And Number To Erase

Shut Me Out, Kick Me While Iím Down
Do You Feel Better
Call The Law, Play Your Little Game
What Better Way, To Stick It To Me

Why Call For Help Cause Iím Standing Outside Your Door
What Crime Did I Commit Calling Your Phone
I Donít Know Who You Are Anymore
So Go Ahead And Sue Me For Having A Heart

Go On And Shut Those Brown Eyes
Yeah Itís True I Do Bleed
Go Ahead And Do What You Gotta Do
If It Makes You Feel Free

Save Me From Myself (Arceo & Long)

Everyday I Need A Little Something From You
Something That Is Just For Me
Tell Me That Iím Worth It All, Give Me All I Want And More
Let Me Know You Can Handle Everything

Tell Me That You Want Me
Tell Me That You Love Me
Tell Me That I Am All You Need
Tell Me There Is No Other
That I Am Yours Forever
Not A Secret To Tell, Put Away Upon The Shelf
Please Save Me From Myself

Everyday I Want To Hear I Matter
That This Fantasy Can Be Real
When I Tell You That I Love You, Would You Climb Inside Forever
I Am Guiltless Around You (Around You)

Save Me From My Self (I Donít Think That I Can)
Save Me From Myself (I Donít Think I Want To)
Save Me From My Self (I Donít Think That I Can)
Why Canít You

Complicate Me (Long)

You Make Toasts On Your Bad Days
You Make Friends From A Strange Face
You Like Makin The Deal
We Can Alternate Our Bad Ways
Create Everything It Takes To Hold Onto The Feel
No One Ever Shook My Faith Or Tried To Be
What You Gonna Do When You Complicate Me

You Gotta Reach Deep Inside Of Me, Crawl To The Heart Of Me
Read My Anatomy, What You Gonna Do
Praise My Inventions, Crush All Intentions Just To See
That You Complicate Me

You Know I Hold Onto Everything, Remember Every Last "Bee Sting"
Just To Create The "Big Deal"
We Find Our Feet At The Deep End, Grab The Rope And Get Tied In
You Like The Way That It Feels
No One Ever Shook My Faith, Or Tried To Be
What You Gonna Do When You Complicate Me

just you wait and see crawl to me, crush me, praise me
fake a smile make a toast on your bad days
feeling warmth making friends from a strange face
you and me always alternating bad ways

got ta hold, gotta hold onto everything
nothing left of a deal but a big sting
shaking faith and you know what that means
just to complicate me

Just For A Moment (Arceo)

Just For A Moment, Please Live A Lie
Let Me Love You Tonight, One More Time
Just For A Moment, Hold Me Tight
Tell Me You Love Me, Even Though Itís Not Right
Just For A Moment

Never Meant To Hurt Me, You Told Me From The Start
This Complicated Love We Let Ourselves Go
It Feels So Good When Youíre In It But Just For That Moment
This Love Of A Moment
It Was All Just A Moment

Just For A Moment, Kiss Me Softly
Let Me See One More Time That, Iím Still Walking In Your Eyes
Just For A Moment, Donít Ask Me Why
Just Please Love Me Tonight, One Last Time
Just For A Moment

How Can You Let Me Go When I Still Linger
How Can I Leave When You Follow Me Everywhere

When Words Have No Place (Arceo)

I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
Your My Obsession And Highest Prized Possession
How Could I Have Been So Blind Not To See
You Were The One I've Been Saving Myself To Find

I Need To Feel The Softness Of Your Face
Lie Next To You In Your Warm Embrace
Content In The Candle Lit Silence
When Words Have No Place

It Scares You To See Me Cry
Holding Me Close You Ask Me Why
The Answer Lies Behind The Tears A Confession
How Deeply I Love You And Hope To Be For Many Years

Only (Arceo & Long)

Iím Only Lonely When I Drink Alone
Iím Only Thirsty When You Walk Into The Room
I Only Want To Be Your Forever, Baby
I Only Want To Be Your One And Only, Only

Do You Miss Me In A Crowded Room
Could We Travel To The Moon
Rent A Special Penthouse View
Keep A Secret Safe For You
My One And Only

Please Celebrate This Heart, It Only Loves For You
Safe Keep This Heart And Take The Moon, Your Moon.

For The Love Of The Blue (Arceo)

Come Run Away With Me
Letís Leave This All Behind
No Rush Bo, Just Take It Slow
To Find That Freedom, Comfort, And Peace (Because)

This Love Is So Right
How Can This Love Ever Be Wrong
It All Comes With A Price To Pay
But We Must Take A Chance And Fight
Take A Stand To Be Right
For The Love Of The Blue, For The Love Of The Blue

Familiar Faces Lie To You
Hard To Tell What Is The Truth
Take A Breath And Smile Bright
As You Walk Into Their Fire Light (Just Remember That)

Former Friends I Used To Know
Said Forever And Not To Go
Just A Fading Memory
What Was Shared And Used To Be (Cause They Know That)

Song Of Ruth (Arceo & Long)

Where You Go, I Will Follow
Where You Pray, I Will Stay With You
When You Sleep, With Dreams We Borrow
When I Am Real, Will You See Me
I Am The Best With You, My Greatest Achievement
Itís All I Can Do To Follow Through, But I Failed To Keep It

Ruth Come Home To Me (Where You Go, I Go)
Find Yourself In Your Time
Take A Chance To Dream
Keep On Yearning Ruth Come Find Me (Where You Fall, I Fall)
Make Me, Your Mine (When You Sleep, Bury Me, Deep In Your Dreams)
Take My Hand, Stop Searching
Hold On (Keep The Fire Burning)

All I Am, Can Be With You
Please Accept What I Do, When Iím Not Supposed To
All Iíve Done Will Sustain Us In Time
And Maybe Your Words Need To Finish This Last Line
Everything That Makes You Move, Beats Within My Heart
Itís All I Can Do To Follow Through And Not Be Torn Apart

(Where You Go) I Will Follow
(Where You Fall) I Will Catch You
When You Sleep, Bury Me, Deep In Your Dreams
And Hold On (Keep The Fire Burning)
Hold On (Please)

I Canít Seem To Quit You (Arceo & Long)

You Arenít Here But I Still Feel You Near
I Want So Much To Share With You
You Are My Life, My Love, My Dreams

Iím Not Complete Without My Better Half
You Got In, You Found Me, Released Me
Please Come For Me

Canít Seem To Fit Here
And I Donít Fit There
Oh Promise Me, Oh Promise Me
(Promise Me The World, Promise Me A Future)
No Matter How Hard I Try
No Matter What I Do
I Canít Seem No (I Canít Quit)
I Donít Want To (I Wonít Quit)
I Canít Seem To Quit You

Inside Of You Is A Lifetime Saved
I Have So Much To Give You

Hear Your Voice In Our Last Goodbye
You Tell Me, Just Hold Me, Just Keep Me
Please Wait For Me

Stillness (Long)

Who Knows You Better, Better Than Me
Where Did You Find Her, When Did You Leave
Your Precious Little Mind, Your Perfect Little Greed
It Leaves You To Unwind, It Leaves Me To Bleed

Did You Talk It Over, Did You Lay Down Your Campaign
Cautious In Your Recovery, Quick Infectious Pain
My Paper World, Your Fleeting Heart
Caught The Tail Of Your Beast, And Tore Me Apart

Somebody Wake Up The Father, Somebody Wake Up The Son
Tell Them That There Are No Angels, Left In Whatís Kingdom Come
You Could Scratch The Surface, And Not Leave A Mark
And So It Goes, The Stillness Of A Heart

Crazy (Long)

You Know I Can Move So Slowly
Especially Baby When You Got Something New To Show Me
I Love To Watch Your Mouth, And Your Eyes Have Figured Me Out
That I'm Crazy

I Try To Keep All My Dirty Thoughts At Bay
But In My Mind I Escape On A Silent Wave
You Got Me Riding' High, Slipping In Close To Your Thigh
You Drive Me Crazy

A Whisper, Itís The Breath I Long To Steal
But First Dear, Can I Ask To Be Your Last Meal
Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Just As Long As I Can Keep You In My Bed
And Go Crazy

Now Letís Not Be Polite
You Know, I Know, We Know What We Both Like

Lucy (Long)

Wake Up Lucy You Gotta Know
We Got 500 Million, Half A Billion Miles To Go
Got Caught In A Mocha Dream, But My Mind Still Needs More Caffeine
And You Can't Sleep Until The Show
When Did You Find Me (Looking For Air)
Don't You Mind Me (Just Leave Me Here)
Just Look Behind Me And You're Still There
Oh Lucy Why Do You Care

Stand Up Lucy My Hearts Lazy And Slow
You Gotta Make Or Break Or Take, Whatís Left Of This Soul
Got Lost In My Movie Scene, Already Made The Accepting Speech
But You Still Can't Sleep Until The Show

Thereís No Doubt, You Figured it Out
That I'm A Sunshine. Well Maybe Sometimes

Sweet Thing (Long)

Flash Me, Those Sleepy Eyes
I Want To See, That Sweet Little Smile
You Come To Me, With The Wink Of An Eye
Let's Play And Sway And Stay, Lose All Track Of Time

Cause You're My Sweet Thing Kiss Me Goodnight
My Sweet Thing It's Gonna Be Alright
My Sweet Thing You Are My Favorite Prize
My Sweet Thing Wrap Me In Your Love Tonight

No Don't, Don't Turn Me Away
I Know You Like To Play That Shy Little Game
So Stay Close, Come Closer Please
Take Me High Where I Want To Be

Oh Sweet, So Sweet
This Is Where, My Heart Lives
And You Know Baby, Baby All It Wants To Give
To My Sweet

Whatís Left Of Us (Arceo & Long)

Whatís Left Of You When You Leave This Space
Iím Alone To Feel This Loss Of Your Love
Whatís Left For Me When I Canít Feel My Hands On Your Skin
And Itís All So Still

Whatís Left For Me Thatís So Right For You
This Passion Lingers Echoís And Falls On Deaf Ears
All For Me, You Find And Lose Yourself Here
Left In The Shadows For Only Me To See

Leave (No Please Stay)
Donít Tease (With Me Again)
Find Me (Iím Here For You)
I Love You (Completely)

Please Stay (You Must Go)
Itís Me Again (But I Know)
Iím Here For You (Youíll Come For Me)
And Save Whatís Left Of Us

Whatís Left Of Me When You Leave This Place
(Iím Alone) To Feel This Loss Of Your Love
Whatís Left For Me Whatís Left For Me
Can You Still Trust
Whatís Left For Us

Ridiculous (Long)

How Hard Can This Be, Holding You Close To Me
Even Though Youíre Not Here I Feel You Everywhere
How Ridiculous

I Can't Sleep Life Is Just A Bore
When I Swallow You Down, Will You Still Be Around
How Ridiculous

Crushed In The Weight Of You
The Smell And The Taste Of You
You Play On My Skin Till I Let You In
Then You're Gone

Now I Touch Your Skin
And I Crawl Right Out Of Mine
But In Your Heart Donít You Feel
My Body And Breath You Love To Steal Then You're Gone
Itís Ridiculous, Just Ridiculous


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