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Move Around You
(Band Version)
Double CD

Listen: Acoustic Version



  1. Move Around You (Arceo & Long)
  2. Loverís Dance (Arceo)
  3. Liquid (Arceo & Long)
  4. Do You (Arceo & Long)
  5. Rise & Fall (Arceo & Long)
  6. Only (Arceo & Long)
  7. So Good (Long)
  8. Fool Me (Long)
  9. Dark Side Of Me (Arceo & Long)
  10. Did You See The Flowers (Long)
  11. Who Would Have Thought (Arceo)
  12. Lightning (Long)
  13. When (Arceo & Long)
  14. Your Love Is All I Need (Arceo & Long)
  15. Chicken Soup (Long)
  16. Sabor A MŪ

Move Around You (Arceo & Long)

Take My Face Into Your Hands, And Tell Me Once Again
Iím Your Heart, Iím Your Home
Iím The Place, Where You Stand Alone
Let My Mind Drink You Down
Tell Me Again Youíre Not Going Anywhere

Take My Time, Take My Heart
All This Will Do, I Know How To Move Around You
Take My Breath, Take My Soul
All This Will Do, I Know How To Move

I Want To Hold You In My Arms, Lay Down Beside My Soul
Whisper In My Ear, Your Love, And Hearts Desire
Hold Me In The Moonlight
Let My Heart Dance In Your Fire

Kiss Me Tonight Like Itís The Last Time
Iíve Waited Four Years For This First Time

Loverís Dance (Arceo)

She Appears In Your Dreams
Rising From Her Venus Shell
Full Of Life And Love Ready To Give Herself To You

Exotic Woman Of Slumber
With Honey Colored Skin, Black Onyx Hair And Eyes
The Scent Of Lavender Surrounds Her

She Is Walking Towards You
Her Beckoning Eyes Hold You
You Have No Choice Or Chance
But To Dance Her Loverís Dance, Baile De Amor

Familiar Dance Of Love Begins
And You Are Captured By This Vision
Donít Let This Dream End
Just Lose Yourself In Her Arms

Escape From Your Prisoners Cell
No One To See And No One To Tell
Of This Angel Of The Night
Dancing With You Into Daylight

Liquid (Arceo & Long)

When I Am With You, I Am
Let Me Pour Myself Into You, Hold Me In Your Hands
To Fill You Completely So Youíll Never Want For More
When Iím Away From You, I Want To Be, I Want To Be

Iím Flowing In Your Veins When You Move Alone (I Am In Your Veins)
Keep Me Close To Your Heart; Believe Iím The Only One
To Fill You Completely So Youíll Never Want For More
When Iím Away From You, I Want To Be, I Want To Be (I Want To Be)

When Iím Tasting You (Iím Liquid)
I Am Touching You (Iím Liquid)
Then Iím Loving You (Iím Liquid)
Can I Quench Your Thirst? (Liquid)
Can I Be Your First To Give You, Your More

Do You (Arceo & Long)

Do You Wanna Take Me Home
Or Do You Wanna Be Alone
Do You Wanna See What Happens Do You
Do You Wanna Take A Chance
And Do You Wanna Find Romance
Do You Wanna See What Happens Do You

Can I Please Try To Be The One To Hold You Tonight
I Wake, I Would Die To Be The Love In Your Eyes
Is There A Chance For Me I Pray Itís True
Please Say You Do

Do You Wanna Be With Me
Or Do You Wanna Wait And See
Do You Wanna See What Happens? Do You
Do You Wanna Take A Chance
And Do You Wanna Find Romance
Do You Wanna See What Happens Do You

Constant Searching For A Love
That Is All My Own
Iím So Tired, So Tired Of Being All Alone
Constant Searching For A Love

Rise & Fall (Arceo & Long)

Walking Into This Place I Feel Your Heart, I Feel Youíre Soul
It Fills The Space You Left Behind When You Let It Go
Does Anybody See The Walls Painted In Your Laughter
Does Anybody Hear Music That Waits In The Air For You
Does Anybody, Anybody See

As I Rise And Fall In Love With You Time Stands Still In This Place We Created For Two
As I Rise And Fall Into You, Hold On Tight, Donít Let This Love Slip Away

You Searched My Face For The Answer, To That Question That Fills Your Mind
That Constant Ache For All The Answers, All The Words Never Said And Left Behind
Doesnít Anybody Understand Your Passion
Does Anybody Else See Your Pain
Does Anybody Have The Key. Does Anybody Feel Me

The Pieces Are In Place, The Puzzle Complete
Canít Believe How Lost I am Within and Without Your Heartbeat
Our Lives Were Meant To Fit, Even Though Time Wonít Give It
Canít We Keep It All, Holding On As We

Only (Arceo & Long)

Iím Only Lonely When I Drink Alone
Iím Only Thirsty When You Walk Into The Room
I Only Want To Be Your Forever, Baby
I Only Want To Be Your One And Only, Only

Do You Miss Me In A Crowded Room
Could We Travel To The Moon
Rent A Special Penthouse View
Keep A Secret Safe For You
My One And Only

Please Celebrate This Heart, It Only Loves For You
Safe Keep This Heart And Take The Moon, Your Moon.

So Good (Long)

Thought I'd Play Sick, And Call In Today
I Wanna To Keep You Close To Me, And Listen To The Rain
You're So Warm, We Can Sleep In Late
If We Keep The Dogs Quiet, We Can Sleep In Till Eight

I Don't Mind If youíre Feather Pillow Tickles My Nose
Just As Long As I Can Keep The Cold From My Toes
So Good.

You Know I Love My Caffeine It's A Hard Habit To Break
Even Though You Forget The Sugar Baby I Love The Coffee You Make
We Can Hide Away On This Island We Create
Just You And Me Baby, Playing Survivor All Day

I'll Rediscover My Lover In The Afternoon
And As The Sun Goes Down We Can Howl At The Moon

I Wanna Make Love With You All Day
Letís Stay In Our Island Hideaway

Fool Me (Long)

Let's Pretend, You Don't Know My Name
Letís Pretend, We Just Met Today
Can We Find The Door, We Forgot To Open
Can We Find More, With What We Left For Broken
Why Do You Obsess Me Your Body, Must Possess Me

Take My Heart, Take My Soul
Anything You Want And More, Fool Me Again
My Body Aches, My Heart Breaks, And Still I Want More
Fool Me Again, Just Fool Me

Can't Explain, This Slow Easy Burn
The Touch, The Taste, I Crave I Yearn
Could This Be Heaven Or Hell, Right Here On Earth
For All The Lust, I Trust That Hell Gives Heaven All It's Worth
Why Do You Obsess Me Your Body, Must Possess Me

Crawling, Falling I Dream You're In Me
Press Your Lips To Mine And Tease Me
Take My Faith In Love, Cause It's So Easy
For You To Fool Me

Dark Side Of Me (Arceo & Long)

So They Sit Me On The Couch,
To Pick My Brain To Find Out What Iím About
Just Answer The Questions
Itís The Road To Find My Way Out

Oh What Will They See, What I Cannot Be
So Sorry For The Pain And What I Still Retain
I Wanna Be Free To Face The Dark Side Of Me

My Eyes Are On The Door,
Feet Ready To Go When Asked A Little More
Denial Is A Friend I Can Seem To Comprehend,
I Just Let It Go

Why Canít I Just Find Some Peace Of Mind, My Brain My Pain Drives Me In
(I Donít Have The Time To Sit And Explain)
I Canít Seem To Find No Peace Of Mind, No Peace Of Mind, No Peace OfÖ.
(Why I Still Have This Side Of Me)

Did You See The Flowers (Long)

Save Me, When Darkness Falls Around Me
Hold Me, When Light Surrounds The Day
Find Me, With Questions Still To Answer
In Those Final Hours, Did You See The Flowers

Did You See The Flowers? Did You Feel The Pain?
We Could Talk For Hours, Would It Be The Same?
My Whole Life, Falls Inside A Day
Cast Aside With One Big Parade

I Just Don't Feel Forgiveness, Is It Just A Lie?
Looking For Good Reasons, For Our Last Goodbye
I Can't Remember, I Can't Lose Your Eyes
Please Forgive Me, These Reasons I Try

I Can't Keep Blaming, For The Way This All Feels
I Can't Keep Hating, Thinking It's Unreal
My Whole Life, I Will Keep Your Name
And In This Band Of Fire We'll Play, Play, Play

Who Would Have Thought (Arceo)

Beautiful One Where Did You Come From
Changing My Life And Then Some
Watching You Paint A Picture Of Life
With The Colors You See
Stroke Of The Brush Of Life That Includes Me

Who Would Have Thought This Would Happen
Who Would Have Thought Thereíd Be Such Passion
Who Would Have Thought

Beautiful One, Iím Falling For You
Calming Spirit That Exudes Through
If This Is A Dream, Please Donít Wake Me
Peaceful Slumber Keeps Me Near You
Iím So Drawn To Your Light

Lightning (Long)

I Know You Like Black And Whites At 3 A.M.
And I Know You Like To Watch The Sun, But It Burns Your Skin
And I Know Makin' Love To You Is Just A Sin
But Healing Me Was The Last Thing I Remember Letting

Lightning, Lightning, Lightning
Youíre Moving Thru Me, With Your Lightning
You're Taking Away The Air That I Breathe

I Know Your Laugh Can Be Contagious
And I Know Sometimes You Feel Anything But Courageous
Youíre Eyes Smile When You Donít Want to Cry
But Looking at You Sometimes Walking Away I Feel Iíve Died in Your

Sometimes I Can Hold You Like A Prayer
And Then Sometimes, All I Can Do Is Watch You Disappear
In Your Lightning

When (Arceo & Long)

(When Will I Tell Me I Will Be Real)

When Will I Really Be Seen
When Will I Really Be Heard
When Will I Be For Real
When Will I Be The Passion
When Will I Be The Goal
When Will I Be The Only One

Please Hear Me, Listen To My Words, Iím Still Here
My Silence Is The Loudest I Can Be
Standing Still
So Restless Moving Thru It All
But I Canít Move

When Will I Be Your All
When Will I Be Your Now
When Will I Be Your Past
When Will I Be The Wonder
When Will I Be The Answer
When Will I Be The Why

Your Love Is All I Need (Arceo & Long)

Do You Know This Love Is Real
Does My Touch Express How I Feel
When Iím Alone With You Or Apart
Please Tell Me You Know Whatís In My Heart

Love Notes On The Mirror, Calls On The Phone
Flowers In Vases When I Come Home
The Smile On Your Face When I Come Through The Door
Hugs And Kisses Leave Me Wanting More
Of Your Love, Your Sweet Love, Youíre Love
Cause Your Love Is All I Need

Do You Know youíre The Love Of My Life
Youíre The Proof That Dreams Come True
I Know That With Love There Is No Guarantee
Time Will Tell If Were Meant To Be

Baby Canít You Feel It
Walking Thru The Door
Baby Canít Believe It
Keep Me Coming Back For More

Chicken Soup (Long)

I'm Just Sitting Here, Waiting For You
While You Cook Up Your Chicken Soup
I Don't Know How Long I Will Stay
I Feel Like Making Chicken Salad Today
I Can't Bother Thinking Bout Lost Time
With Or Without You It Keeps Passing Me By

I Wake Up In A Daze All Hazed And Confused
Thought I Was Waking Up Next To You
Got A Space, Got A Hole I Can Fit
Instead Of Chicken Salad, I'm Makin Chicken

Sheís Got Light -Inside So Bright I Can't See
It's Holding' Her, And Holding' You, And Now It's Holding' Me

You Got A Heart It's So Big, It's A Heart Of A Whale
You're On , You're Off, Switch Lanes, Switch Parts And Set Sail
And I'm Just Sitting Here, Waiting For You
While You Cook Up Your Chicken Soup
I Don't Know How Long I Can Stay
Cause I Feel Like Making Chicken Salad. Today!

Sabor A MŪ

Tanto tiempo
disfrutamos de este amor
nuestras almas
se acercaron tanto asŪ
que yo guardo tu sabor
pero tķ llevas tambiťn, sabor a mŪ

Si negaras mi presencia en tu vivir
bastarŪa con abrazarte y conversar
tanta vida yo te dŪ
que por fuerza tienes ya sabor a mŪ

No pretendo ser tu dueŮo
no soy nada yo no tengo vanidad
de mi vida doy lo bueno
soy tan pobre, quť otra
cosa puedo dar

PasarŠn mŠs de mil aŮos,
muchos mŠs
yo no sť si tenga amor
la eternidad
pero allŠ, tal como aquŪ
en la boca llevarŠs,
sabor a mŪ

For so long, we've enjoyed this love,
our souls have drawn so close,
that a trace of you remains within me,
and you, also, have taken on a trace of me.

If you were ever to deny my influence on your life
My embrace and a little conversation would suffice
to prove otherwise
So much of my life, I've given to you,
that, by now, you can't help but retain a trace of me

I'm not trying to be your master
For I am nothing, and have no
vain illusions.
Of my life, I give my best,
For I am so poor, what other thing can I give?

A thousand years may pass,
and more
I don't know if love exists
in eternity
But, there, just as here,
on your lips
you'll always carry, A trace of me...


Save Me From Myself
It'll Be Fine
>> Limited Edition 4 Song EP


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