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Deuce Is Wild
Trusting Lucy Records, Releases Two New CDs

By Beth Peerless
Herald Correspondent

When it comes to Trusting Lucy, good things come in twos.  For instance the two women who front the rock band, Linda Arceo and Lisa Long, are a dynamic acoustic duo as well.  The two CDs they will celebrate concurrently this Sunday afternoon at Planet Ultra Lounge & Restaurant are both comprised of two discs, one a group of 16 songs with electric band and the other the acoustic duo doing the same sequence of tunes.

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Daisy Rock Welcomes New Artists Lisa Lim and Trusting Lucy

LOS ANGELES, CA – July 15th, 2008

Daisy Rock is excited to announce two talented new additions to their growing roster of artists: Lisa Lim and Trusting Lucy.

With styling influenced by blues and country legends alike, Lisa Lim first entered the music scene in 2007 with her debut release “Crazy Feelin’ This Way”. Gigging regularly and teaching guitar for over 15 years at Lim’s Music, Lisa continues her accomplishments in the industry now as a Daisy Rock endorsee.

Preparing their upcoming self produced and self-recorded 12-song CD to be released later this year, Trusting Lucy’s Lisa and Linda are no strangers to the industry. Their music has been described as a mix of soulful introspective ballads, straight-on, hook driven melodic pop, and forceful rock tunes sung with powerful distinctive voices and incredible harmonies. Playing around different cities in California this summer, Daisy Rock is very pleased to support Trusting Lucy in all their newest endeavors.

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To learn more about Daisy Rock artist Lisa Lim, visit 
To learn more about Daisy Rock artists Trusting Lucy, visit
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BVS Reviews, March 8, 2004 - Being Fine by Bruce Von Stiers

Surfing the web a while back I came across an interesting band. Basically the band is a duet with supporting musicians. The name of the band is Trusting Lucy. It is the work of Linda Arceo and Lisa Long, two singer / songwriters. After years of solo gigs and working with other bands, the two formed Trusting Lucy to concentrate on the kind of music that they really wanted to play. The result is an album titled It'll Be Fine. It is a self produced and released album.

The album is actually two discs. The first disc has the full band versions of the songs. The second disc is the acoustical version of the songs. There are 14 songs on the album and all of them were written by the two ladies.

The two women make a great vocal partnership. Both of them had been solo acoustic performers before joining together. They found that working together made for a good fit for both of them. The name of the band, Trusting Lucy, comes out of being able to equally share the spotlight. Even the song writing on the album was split evenly between Linda and Lisa.

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Trusting Lucy prepares for festival appearance, July 21, 2003 - Trusting Lucy prepares for festival appearance

By Dave Steffenson-- Assistant Editor

Lisa Long, left, and Linda Arceo will play at 1:45 p.m. July 26 at the Gazebo stage at the Garlic Festival.
GILROY - What’s in a name?

Well, when it comes to names, this band has had its share. While many people may have heard Linda Arceo and Gilroy resident Lisa Long’s bold lyrics and catchy guitar riffs while wandering the Garlic Festival the last three years, they might not recognize the two by any name.

Going under the name Linda Arceo, Arlo, Arceo and Long and, finally, Trusting Lucy, the women don’t seem to care what name they go by, as long as they keep turning heads.

“I think what grabs people is that our songs have hooks in them,” Arceo said. “We don’t play like girls.”

Bucking the stereotype that women playing acoustic guitars play light, airy music, Arceo and Long have turned the last two years into a productive collaboration based on two different styles and a rock sound that always turns heads, something the women hope to do July 26 at the Gazebo stage at the 2003 Garlic Festival.

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Coast Weekly - Monterey County, May 15, 2003 - Trusting Lucy fit real feelings into their acoustic/electric mix.

Girls Rule: Linda Arceo and Lisa Long play it both ways (acoustic/rock) on their new CD.

When local songwriter Linda Arceo asked Lisa Long to play keyboards on one of her albums, Arceo got more than she bargained for. Arceo had known Long from other projects, but around two years ago, she discovered that Long was a formidable songwriter.

"I wanted to bring her songs out," Arceo says.

The two have pooled their songwriting skills in the band Trusting Lucy, which released an album last month called It'll Be Fine.

The interesting thing about the album is that there is one CD containing acoustic versions of their songs, and another including a full-on rock band backing the duo on the same songs.

Since Trusting Lucy plays some venues as an acoustic duo and other larger venues with a backing band of local musicians, releasing the two versions seemed like the right thing to do.

"We wanted to give it back to our two fan-bases," Arceo says.

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Monterey Herald - Monterey County Dining & Entertainment Guide GO!, April 24-30, 2003

- The group is celebrating the release of its debut CD "It'll be Fine" (which comes in both an acoustic and band versions) this Sunday afternoon at Doc's Nightclub in Monterey.

"It'll be fine" features 14 songs written by Long (seven) and Arceo (five) or co-written by the duo (two). The duo's music (the band version) can be roughly described as straight-ahead rock with touches of folk, pop and country.

"Maybe" for example, would feel comfortable right up there on the country charts with Shania, the Chicks and Martina McBride, while "Feed My soul" is a rocker that opens with a Jimi-style flourish on guitar.--April 24, 2003

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Salinas-Californian Newspaper, April 27, 2003 - Two Monterey Bay area singer-songwriters have pooled their talents to create one hot double album.

Linda Arceo of Monterey and Lisa Long of Gilroy call their band Trusting Lucy. They will release their album, "It'll Be Fine," on April 27 at Doc Ricketts' Lab in Monterey.

The unusual thing about the project is its format: the songs on one CD are performed on electric instruments, while the second CD offers the same tunes played on acoustic instruments.

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