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Monday, March 8, 2004

Being Fine by Bruce Von Stiers

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Surfing the web a while back I came across an interesting band. Basically the band is a duet with supporting musicians. The name of the band is Trusting Lucy. It is the work of Linda Arceo and Lisa Long, two singer / songwriters. After years of solo gigs and working with other bands, the two formed Trusting Lucy to concentrate on the kind of music that they really wanted to play. The result is an album titled It'll Be Fine. It is a self produced and released album.

The album is actually two discs. The first disc has the full band versions of the songs. The second disc is the acoustical version of the songs. There are 14 songs on the album and all of them were written by the two ladies.

The two women make a great vocal partnership. Both of them had been solo acoustic performers before joining together. They found that working together made for a good fit for both of them. The name of the band, Trusting Lucy, comes out of being able to equally share the spotlight. Even the song writing on the album was split evenly between Linda and Lisa.

For the band version of the album the ladies feature Annalee England on drums, Cheryl Tibbetts on bass guitar and Jeff Gross on percussion. There is also Tom Ayres on electric guitars, Rogers Masson on acoustic guitar and Paul Grove on piano.

The first song on the album starts out fast and furious. Then it slows down a little. Right away Chrissy Hines came to mind when hearing this song. It has a distinct beat with some great harmonies. The title of the song is Casualties of Kind.

Feed My Soul is a rocker of a song. It has some tough guitar riffs. The beginning licks make it sound like the song is going to be a George Thorogood type of tune, then moves into a more steady rock beat.

You Win is a mixed R & B and Country style song. With the way that Country has changed over the years, this song would fit right in. You might imagine Patty Loveless or possibly Martina McBride singing this song. Maybe is another song that would fit well on the Country charts. There are harmonies on this song that show how well the two women work together.

My favorite song on the album is Givin' It Up (To You). When I first heard the song it made me think of Heart. Upon reading other reviews of the album, I found I wasn't the only one who thought that way. The song has some really tough guitar and fantastic vocals.

Pieces is a slow and poignant song. Her heart is breaking as he walks away from her and their romance. It is a haunting and heart wrenching song.

The album is a good mixture of edgy rock and softer folk style songs. The artistic partnership between Linda Arceo and Lisa Long make this album well worth listening to.

You can hear samples from the album on the Trusting Lucy web site. It can be found at

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