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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Trusting Lucy Fit Real Feelings Into Their Acoustic/Electric Mix By Stuart Thornton


Girls Rule: Linda Arceo and Lisa Long play it both ways (acoustic/rock) on their new CD.

When local songwriter Linda Arceo asked Lisa Long to play keyboards on one of her albums, Arceo got more than she bargained for. Arceo had known Long from other projects, but around two years ago, she discovered that Long was a formidable songwriter.

"I wanted to bring her songs out," Arceo says.

The two have pooled their songwriting skills in the band Trusting Lucy, which released an album last month called It'll Be Fine.

The interesting thing about the album is that there is one CD containing acoustic versions of their songs, and another including a full-on rock band backing the duo on the same songs.

Since Trusting Lucy plays some venues as an acoustic duo and other larger venues with a backing band of local musicians, releasing the two versions seemed like the right thing to do.

"We wanted to give it back to our two fan-bases," Arceo says.

The differences between the two incarnations are revealed instantly while listening to the two versions of the first song "Casualties of Kind." The acoustic version jangles like an Indigo Girl's song, while the band version has the ladies singing over a chugging electric guitar before a catchy chorus kicks in.

Whether playing before the electric crunch of the band or over the strum of acoustic guitars, their lyrics deal with personal experiences, mostly relationships. On "Mending Fences," a photo album reminds the narrator of an old relationship. "Pieces" ends with Long begging a lover to leave a part of her unaffected by their relationship.

One can imagine the sound of Long's percolating rocker "Givin' It Up (To You)" blaring at their upcoming Gilroy Garlic Festival gig, while subdued songs like Long's "Pieces" and Arceo's "Once in a Blue Moon" would be the perfect soundtrack for a mellow weeknight.

This is hook-driven rock that deserves to be heard on local radio. Unfortunately, radio seems to stick with the same tried and true artists, so the only way to hear Trusting Lucy is to get out there and check them out at one of their local shows.

Trusting Lucy play Viva in Monterey every Tuesday at 9pm. Sample some of the band's songs at


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